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Pyramid Vastu Yantra | Copper | 3 Inch

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Pyramid increases the energy of any area 108 times. High Quality and Effective Vastu Pyramid Yantra for Vastu remedies for home and office. Vastu pyramid has been used as a remedy for Vastu defects and benefits of Vastu pyramid yantra are that Vastu dosh defects are been removed from home or office. Vastu Pyramid is a powerful yantra pyramid with Combination of 4 sides Vastu yantras. Placement of Vastu Yantra can be done at a place where there is Vastu defect. So instead of putting 4 different Vastu yantra, this pyramid can be used as an effective and powerful yantra. Vastu Consultants can correct Vastu defects of places which have a missing corner or inauspicious door direction and Vastu pyramid can be used to correct Vastu defects related to toilets also. Placement of Vastu Pyramid Yantra Vastu Pyramid yantra can be placed in the centre of the house during construction and it can also be placed and it should be kept in north and south corner of house and pyramid can increase the energy of those areas by 108 times !!

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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